4 Earth Global’s Journey Started Over 25 Years Ago

Aug 28, 2023

4 Earth Global is contributing to revolutionising the construction industry by manufacturing composite building materials made from recycled plastic, organic waste materials, combined with various scientifically formulated unique additives.  These durable construction products not only address the plastic waste crisis but also provide sustainable solutions for housing shortages, unemployment, and limited food security in countries burdened by these challenges.

The journey of 4 Earth Global began over 25 years ago when our Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer met with Dr. Donna Johnson, President of Pinnacle Technology, Inc. In partnership with the US Department of Energy’s Regional Biomass Energy Program, Dr Johnson pioneered the research to find a solution to reduce polymer use in plastics while enhancing performance.

After testing various products to add to plastic, including talcum powder and even shredded bank notes, Dr Johnson turned her attention to organic materials which show extreme strength in nature when it is needed most. Various natural waste materials were tested and wheat straw, coconut husks and rice husks were amongst those that achieved the best results, by far.

Major step included formulations using recycled plastic across all 7 categories

This led our Co-founder and CTO to pursue further research and through decades of testing and engineering, 4 Earth Global has perfected composite formulations consisting of up to 12 components, including formulations that comingles recycled plastic. These formulations, known as “recipes,” are the company’s intellectual property and serve as the backbone of our manufacturing process. Combined with specific machine designs, the formulations enable the production of long-lasting, maintenance-free, and environmentally friendly composite building products.

4 Earth Global’s manufacturing production plants (PODs) focus on developing countries where plastic waste, job shortages, housing shortages and food security are serious issues. These PODs manufacture our durable, long-term, cost-effective, and eco-friendly products used in the construction of homes, classrooms, training rooms, disaster relief shelters, refugee homes, toilet buildings, clinics, fencing and more.

Collaboration is key to tackling global challenges, and we take pride in working with renowned international organisations specialising in their respective fields. These strategic relationships amplify the impact of their sustainable solutions across different sectors and include the USAID, UNIDO and Prevent Waste Alliance with a focus on developing countries such as Philippines, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Vietnam, Peru, Thailand, South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan.

Our passion to contribute to the revolution of the construction industry through sustainable building materials is driven by a deep commitment to addressing the plastic waste crisis and promoting environmental sustainability. With our composite formulations, zero carbon production, and strategic collaborations, our focus is to make significant impact on communities worldwide. By providing durable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solutions, 4 Earth Global is not only transforming the construction industry but also contributing to a healthier planet for generations to come.