4 Earth Global, established in 2016, after decades of testing and research, combines recycled plastic, organic waste materials and various additives to manufacture composite building materials which provide solutions for serious issues facing humanity.

Plastic waste has become a key driver of pollution across the world, overwhelming marine, terrestrial and aerial ecosystems. (Micro)plastic pollution directly or indirectly impacts at least 12 of the 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Goals (SDGs). (Micro)plastic pollution may undermine the implementation of the UN’s SDGs by 2030.

Vision: Revitalising the world by permanently recycling waste plastic

4 Earth Global establishes manufacturing production plants (PODs) around the world to manufacture durable long-term, cost effective, eco-friendly products that are used in the construction of homes, classrooms, training rooms, disaster relief shelters, refugee homes and clinics, all to enable a safe and clean space for people to live with dignity.

Mission: Turning challenges into solutions

4 Earth Global’s mission is to expand into those countries where plastic waste is a serious problem, underpinned by further exacerbating problems such as housing shortages, high unemployment, and limited food security.

Pioneering research

4 Earth Global’s journey started over 25 years ago when the Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer of 4 Earth Global met with Dr Donna Johnson, President of Pinnacle Technology, Inc., in the USA. Pinnacle Technology worked with the US Department of Energy’s Regional Biomass Energy Program to find a solution for plastic manufacturers to reduce polymer use in their plastics and, at the same time, enhance performance.

Unique scientific formulations

4 Earth Global has perfected these formulations, which are now up to 12 components and including formulations for comingled plastics. The company’s intellectual property is the Composite Formulations (“recipes”) underpinned by decades of technical engineering, specific machine designs and development for the manufacturing production plants (PODs).

The result is the production of long-term durability, maintenance-free, plastic composite building products that are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and cheaper than alternative building technologies.


4 Earth Global is fully committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the manufacturing production plants (PODs) have been designed to produce zero carbon dioxide. In addition, each POD receives 1 carbon credit per ton of plastic that is recycled. This equates to 10,000 credits per year for a cleaner, safer world.


We are proud to work with highly credible global organisations who specialise in their fields of business.

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