4 Earth Global is proud to work with highly credible global organisations who specialise in their fields of business. Together we bring sustainable solutions to the serious issues facing communities across the world.

US Aid From American People
Clean Cities, Blue Ocean is the U.S. Agency for International Development’s global, flagship program to address ocean plastics, working to combat pollution directly at its source in rapidly urbanizing countries around the world. By strengthening waste management systems and building circular economies, city by city, the program builds sustainable solutions that reduce ocean plastics while empowering vulnerable populations and mitigating pollution that affects human health and our climate.

Members of Prevent Waste Alliance
Initiated by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to minimise waste, eliminate pollutants and maximise the reuse of resources in the economy worldwide.

MH&A Consulting Engineers
A consulting practice, under the leadership of Michael Hurworth, that represents the cultural diversity of South Africa, specialising in both structural and building as well as civil design.

As part of the United Nations system, UNIDO ITPO Germany mobilises investments and technologies for sustainable industrial development. ITPO Germany’s services focus on the promotion of modern technologies and innovative business models that contribute to a more equitable and greener industrialisation in emerging markets and developing countries.

A leading firm of architects who have a global footprint with projects on six continents, and a design philosophy that connects function and form, and the pursuit of true architectural design to create appropriate solutions.

Nolands Capital
Nolands Global Auditors, Advisory and Law, established/founded in 1976 with offices in a multitude of countries incl. South Africa, Mauritius, Nigeria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Members of The Geneva Capital Group and honoured with the “Firm of the year award”. Nolands ensures that every $ spent is fully accountable to all interested parties who either finance or run 4 Earth.  Investments coming to 4 Earth will go through Nolands.

SLA Consult
SLA Consult Quantity Surveyors specialise in adding value to building projects through effectively managing financial and contractual risk.